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Last Friday afternoon I found a Browns lot listed on ebay, that had a 2009 SPx David Veikune RC 264/799. As standard protocol, I email the seller to if modifying the listing is an option and I make an generous offer to purchase the card. He replies and is amiable to revising his listing.

He asks the standard why 264, etc, etc, and states he has 3 - 5000 ct boxes he can search. I reply and forward links to my website. He responds shortly as he found a 2011 Finest Torrey Smith Au/Jsy 264/310 in his bucket and inquires my interest. Of course I we work a price for both the Veikune and Smith.

He ask that i give him some time, so he can search as now he was on a mission. I love it when I do that to people. He said he would get back to me on Sunday.

Fast forward to Sunday, he shares that he found a few more for my collection. I received the package today.

Thank you, Cory!

2009 SP Authentic Antoine Caldwell 264/999

2009 SP Authentic Tiquan Underwood 264/999

2010 Epix Jermaine Gresham 264/270

2011 Finest Torrey Smith 264/310

The Veikune will be added to my 264/ SPx thread.

This was an ebay addition....

2011 Finest Shane Vereen 264/589

My Bucket:

Better Bucket:
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