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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
If someone is asking for 3 or 4 times ebay.. I will say something about it.. if they are slightly above eBay.. that's up to the buyer. I have seen $150 cards listed for $500 before, and people actually inquired.. I can't sit back and watch someone get ripped off like that. You can attack me all you want for it.. but I would hope someone would do me that favor as well
Originally Posted by cking View Post
By no means am I trying to start an argument here but if I am willing to pay $500 for a card that normally sells in the $150 dollar range how is that any of your business? If a seller has a $500 offer on a card that does not normally sell for that much then good for him. Its called making money. If a buyer does not do the proper research on a card before purchasing then thats on them if they over pay. If you did this to someone on this site and cost them $350 dollars on a sale you would be run off this site very fast. It is none of yours or anyone elses business what someone pays for or sells a card for on here. Just because a card normally sells in the $150 dollar range does not mean other copies of that card are valued at $150 dollars.The other copies of the card that sold at $150 are only examples of what some sellers were willing to sell thier card for. Its does not make the price set in stone on the next copy. They are valued at whatever a buyer is willing to pay and if the buyer has no problem paying over Ebay it is not your place to intervene. Especially if its not your transaction. What are you a card price Robin Hood? If you wanna stay a member in good standing on this site I would highly, highly reccommend you never involve yourself in the negotiations of card prices between buyers and sellers on here if the transaction does not involve you.
I guess she told you, WTG Crystal he's the single biggest lowballer on the site and always has something to say

Ps...Card price Robin Hood one of the best phrases I've heard used on here in awhile HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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