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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
I see people here who are new/newer to the hobby and they tend to ask a lot. They use the price guide bible and they still may not know a cards value and when someone is silly priced, I see no issue in questioning it openly JUST in the off chance it saves someone from making a mistake

I also understand CK's thoughts,but it still falls down to personal things for me when I got back in. I flat out got raped the 1st few months I was back in cards and I would have been damn happy if someone had intervened and saved me from those types.
Raped, huh? So you were forced to buy the cards against your will and you've been permanently scarred by the experienced? Everybody's overpaid on some cards, be it on here, eBay, at a show, or at a card shop. In the end, the question is were you happy with the price at that time. Sure later on down the road you might kick yourself for paying a few bucks more than you should had, but if that's just how this hobby goes. I've "overpaid" for a few Garret Anderson, Chone Figgins, and Tim Salmon cards a few years ago when I was just getting back into the hobby, but you'll never hear me bitch about it because they are part of my PC and aren't going anywhere soon. When in doubt, use a PM to ask WHY a seller is asking as much as he is. If you disagree with a seller's prices, just move the hell on. Just don't screw with a seller's thread. If the cards cost too much, the thread will pretty much die out by itself with anyone's "help". Looks like we've found this forum's Little John to Imac's Robin Hood.
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