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Originally Posted by Positivity View Post
Made a deal for a small lot:

We pm'd back and forth about a price and when he could ship. I almost backed out because I wasn't confident he would ship when he told me he would, but he told me everything was already packaged up. So I went ahead and paid with the understanding that he would ship on Monday, 9/17.

He's an hour away from me, so I should have had it fairly quickly. He pm'd me Wednesday wanting to know if I was interested in "high end baseball". I told him I was more interested on when my package was being shipped. He told me Thursday and he STILL TRIED TO SELL ME ANOTHER CARD.

At this point, his communication stopped, so I filed a Paypal claim and escalated it this morning. I still have all of the pm's between us, so it's fairly clear he was looking to rip me off or is unorganized to the point that he shouldn't be trying to be buying or selling anyway. He has posted as recently as yesterday, so I know he's still trying to wheel and deal.

EDIT-- After filing the Paypal claim, he posted a message on Paypal that said, "I'll print the label if you close this claim." Yeah, I'll pass on that

Just avoid him. It's easier that way.

UPDATE---I finally received the cards yesterday. The P.O. label said it was mailed on 9/26, so he waited until I escalated the claim to finaly ship the cards. I still wouldn't deal with in the future. Just not worth the trouble.
Funny how communication starts up again after a claim is filed. Whatever you do never send gift payments to anyone. Thanks for the heads up on this guy and another addition to my ignore list.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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