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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
EDIT:Forget all of that
here is the break down

You justify
Your logic is it is not the bad guys fault,but the other persons for not knowing any better and if they made the deal sound good and you agreed,then you are a moron for having an issue later..
No one said anything about lying to anyone so I am not sure where you are getting that from. Let me put a diffrent spin on it. If someone I dont know with 2 feedback on here is selling a card for 50 dollars and RonLabo is selling the same card for 65 dollars I would have no problem paying the extra 15 dollars because I know I am not gonna get robbed and get great service from Ron. Would it be another members place to tell Ron he is charging too much or to tell me I am paying too much because the last copy of that card ended for 50 on Ebay? I would actually like some others thoughts on this. Buyers ultimetly determine the value of all cards.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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