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Originally Posted by cking View Post
No one said anything about lying to anyone so I am not sure where you are getting that from. Let me put a diffrent spin on it. If someone I dont know with 2 feedback on here is selling a card for 50 dollars and RonLabo is selling the same card for 65 dollars I would have no problem paying the extra 15 dollars because I know I am not gonna get robbed and get great service from Ron. Would it be another members place to tell Ron he is charging too much or to tell me I am paying too much because the last copy of that card ended for 50 on Ebay? I would actually like some others thoughts on this. Buyers ultimetly determine the value of all cards.
Yeah, I mean it's one thing to see someone getting the full-on heavy pressure sales treatment to buy something for too much money and helping the person out, but I don't really see that going on here. It's more like, "here's my cards, here's my price, let's make a deal." There's plenty of opportunity for the buyer to research the cards being sold and they can decide if they agree with the price. I just don't see how that's the board's responsibility.
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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