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I just don't see how that's the board's responsibility.

I see this as situational.
I mean, we all are a community. Love,like,hate,despise, we still should help each other. That said, most of us know how things go and what resopurces are used to ensure something is in the ballpark. But much like some people attack new members over petty stuff and people defend them, tossing out there that an item someone is asking 100.00 for sells on the bay for 30.00...i see it as protecting the week

CK, if Ron was 15.00 more on a 50.00 card, I wouldn't see a reason to say a thing simply because that would be an acceptable margin on a card based on money invested
While I really dont have a dog in this fight on any specific issue since I have never questioned a price between 1 person and another, my POV would still stand.

A person in Comics tends to want over ebay. I told him that as a board member,offering a deal at or below ebay since they had no fees would be a nice gratis to give members. This was my POV and something I practice on EVERY SALE I have ever made here (Feel free to review my threads from the past) however, that person does not have to and I only mentioned it to ENCOURAGE members to check with him before buying on ebay....that is about the extent of my involvement over inserting myself between a buyer and seller.

I just feel newbies should be afford some protection and I feel people buying/selling here should give incentives to continue to do so.

CK< I took the bones of lakings post and threw it out there. granted, it was the extremism end, being talked down to because I have a personal view on how things should be and how I practice them, was tacky,crass and douchy and I felt that his wording would allow for that type of behavior with the end motto of :Buyer should learn before buying...

Thanks for reading my blah blah
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