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Originally Posted by DaBaddestHic View Post
I'm seriously considering taking a few slots here BUT not sure about the payment thing so far as having the funds in paypal when it goes active. I have the funds to cover two slots right now and am going to add more, but that wouldn't go through till Thursday or Friday of next week. I know I have a few things I wanna buy this weekend that would take me below being able to pay you if this went active before more money could get into my paypal, and I don't wanna leave you hanging with an echeck or something.

Could you PM me your best guess on when payment might be due? (Just say PM cause I'll likely be gone the rest of the evening.) If it'd be cutting it too close I might just take one slot, although that seems a bit risky to me.

PM sent - we'd love to see you join!
PM me for a special discount and free shipping code for BO members!
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