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Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
lol i knew i would hear about that

it doesn't have to be smith but a cut along those lines would be cool
Haha I agree.

I'm also a fan of multiple autos of guys from the same team, especially of guys from the past since you can make sure all the autos on the card are worth something (versus a modern day dual where you can pair a future HOF with a scrub who is out of the league in a year).

I'm thinking Super Bowl autos, maybe 2-4 guys per card, still thinking defense. You could do a team like the 1996 Super Bowl Packers - some combo of Reggie White (RIP), LeRoy Butler, Eugene Robinson, and Gilbert Brown.

Or the 1997 Broncos. John Mobley, Steve Atwater, Bill Romanoski, Neil Smith, Ray Crockett...all options.

Certainly the 2000 Ravens. Ray Lewis, Rod Woodson, Rob Burnett, Peter Boulware, Michael McCrary, Chris McCallister.

And I know I'd personally be interested in a 2001 Patriots. Lawyer Milloy, Tw Law, Tedi Bruschi, Willie McGinest. Maybe even Mike Vrabel, Brian Cox, or Ted Johnson mixed in there.

I just think there are lots of sweet cards out there of offensive forces, like Elway-Davis, or Aikman-Smith, that kind of thing. Here we have a tribute to Super Bowl defenses - we could do non Super Bowl teams as well but I think it being the Super Bowl winner makes it that much more collectible. Like imagine the 1995 Cowboys too, but instead of Aikman and Smith it's an auto of Darren Woodson, Brock Marion, Charles Haley and Deion Sanders. That'd be such a sweet card for Cowboys collectors.

Plus we're talking financially viable for Upper Deck. I would guess guys like Brock Marion and Neil Smith would be cheaper signers than your Aikmans and Elways.
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