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Default Strange ebay experience...

Hello all,

I'll try to keep this short... it'll either be epically boring or mildly entertaining. This is not card related, by the way, but I don't know if anyone has had a similar experience on ebay. Mods, feel free to move this if its in the wrong place.

FYI... I have been on ebay 10 years, 100% feedback, not a power-seller-type but never any problems except for one card-related one I documented on here a few weeks ago. Here goes...

I placed this item on ebay for auction...


It is a small camcorder that is exactly what is described in my description (below the stock ebay description).

Sells immediately with BIN. Next morning the buyer emails me and says "Sorry, I just realized I can't afford this and I will not be paying for it." He's not even polite or apologetic about it.

Awesome. So I don't bother filing a claim (lesson learned), relist it and on the last day it gets three bids and sells. Next day, an email from the new winner... almost the exact same thing. "Sorry, I just realized I'm overdrawn and can't afford this. Sorry!"

Super-awesome. This item is just something I was getting rid of, not desperately trying for fast cash, and I'm frustrated, but not impatient. So, I've never done the 'second chance' thing and decide to give it a try. Two days later, it sells with the 'second chance' offer. Buyer pays almost immediately, I ship the item safely and securely, mark as shipped, and sit back and wait for the feedback. I get a positive today, but the description says this...

"Poor communication, best item as described, fast shipping"

Huh? I'm starting to think this is a cursed item... Okay, so I misspelled the word 'camcorder.' Are the ebay gods cursing me for that? So anyhoo... I check out the buyer's own page to see what he/she is selling and I come across this...

Kodak Mini HD 128 MB Camcorder - Purple 0004177182210 | eBay

Double Huh? My photos, my EXACT description... I don't even know if this item went up before or after they got my item!

I guess the only thing I'm upset about is the somewhat false-positive I got in feedback. And that the feedback doesn't make any sense.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I know of flipping cards but, uh, this is a cheap crappy camcorder. Not too much profit to be made there. Any reason for the odd feedback or the turning around to resell so fast?

Thanks for reading.
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