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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
this is an excellent vein you've tapped.

RKC, we're going with a defensive only set. I like the Quad autos from superbowl winning teams. Let's make that a part of the set, but definitely look along other areas as well.

come up with your favorite 4 players for the defense that won the superbowls, and let's see if we can't come up with something else as another set of chase cards for it (or 2).

Ultimately, i think it would be great to have:
1. Superbowl defensive quad auto set (thoughts on numbering? we have to keep it manageable especially for any dead members of the D)

2. Base set (base cards of defensive greats from all eras), maybe some refractors or parallels to keep chasing the sets.

and maybe 1 or 2 other chase sets. thoughts on these? Perhaps a jersey/materials set for other greats that weren't on the SB teams, and maybe a base auto set (with lower number parallels).

i think Dynamic Defensive Dynasty set might be a little too much "D". Defensive Dynasties ok with the RKC crew?
I would love to try and figure out a way to come up with a Sean Taylor auto in there. I know he is dead and unable to sign, but surely we can come up with something. Make it a 1/1.
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