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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
ok let's do this.

Gator, come up with a few unique 1/1s (maybe 10-20 if possible) and have fun with it. Obviously if the player is deceased, you'll have to account for a cut signature in the card. 1/1 booklets would be neat.

SPastik, you let me know how you want to divvy up the SB defensive squads from recent era (i'm thinking 80 and beyond) and we'll come up with the quad auto checklist. Once we divide and conquer and knock out this part, you and I will get together and see about some of the older squads to see which players we can get 4 autos of.

Shane (Newton) and Tajirosa, come up with the defensive player checklist for the autos (obviously dead players will have a shorter run since they are not able to sign new items). This set I'm imagining the living players should have a higher print/auto run but have a few lower numbered parallels (i.e. /99 base, /50, /25, /10 1/1 plates)

Sunsfan, you're the wildcard here. take a look at everybody else's assignments and see what you can fit in to complement the product.

ready? BREAK

DBO- due date?
Fantastic, I love it! When we finish this assignment can we send it to the real UD (and the real Topps and the real Panini) and tell them to make these cards for us!

Anyway, working on my part! I'll pm when I've got a good list
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