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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
speaking of Spastik working on his part, he did his part AND my part, but then came up with another awesome idea that i'll work on to make up for him doing everything

i'll let him post it so he can get the credit

Here's what I sent Clarka:

Was thinking while I did the Bears – if we do an RIP Sean Taylor maybe we do an RIP Dave Duerson (Bears) as well? Too soon? Anyways, here’s the teams I came up with. For older teams I used pro bowl/all pro guys first and then filled in behind that based on career/that year’s stats. I found 20 I really liked (and 20 is a nice round number for a set) - those teams have a "!" before their listing.

! 79-80 Steelers - Donnie Shell/Jack Ham/Jack Lambert and either Mike Wagner or Mel Blount
! 81 49ers - Ronnie Lott/Dwight Hicks/Carlton Williamson/Keena Turner
82 Redskins –Dexter Manley/Tony Peters/Jeris White/Dave Butz
! 83 Raiders – Howie Long/Rod Martin/Vann McElroy/Lester Hayes
84 49ers – Ronnie Lott/Keena Turner/Dwight Hicks/Carlton Williamson
! 85 Bears – Richard Dent/Dan Hampton/Mike Singletary/Otis Wilson
! 86 Giants – Leonard Marshall/Lawrence Taylor/Jim Burt/Harry Carson
87 Redskins – Charles Mann/Darrell Green/Barry Wilburn/Dexter Manley (or Monte Coleman to make this all different from the 92 team)
! 88 49ers – Charles Haley/Michael Carter/Tim McKyer/Ronnie Lott (or someone else to make this a different four from the 84 team)
89 49ers – Charles Haley/Tim KcKyer/Ronnie Lott/Pierce Holy
90 Giants – Pepper Johnson/Lawrence Taylor/Reyna Thompson/Erik Howard
! 91 Redskins – Darrell Green/Charles Mann/Wilber Marshall/Fred Stokes
! 92 Cowboys – Ken Norton/Jim Jeffcoat/Kevin R. Smith/Leon Lett
93 Cowboys - Ken Norton/Thomas Everett/Russell Maryland/Kevin R. Smith or Bill Bates
! 94 49ers - Merton Hanks/Tim McDonald/Dana Stubblefield/Deion Sanders
95 Cowboys – Darren Woodson/Charles Haley/Brock Marion/Larry Brown
! 96 Packers – LeRoy Butler/Reggie White/Eugene Robinson/Santana Dotson (or Gilbert Brown)
97 Broncos – John Mobley/Maa Tanavusa/Neil Smith/Darrien Gordon
! 98 Broncos – Bill Romanoski/Steve Atwater/Trevor Pryce/Ray Crockett
! 99 Rams – Todd Lyght/Kevin Carter/Mike Jones (has to be here since he made the Super Bowl saving tackle)/D’Marco Farr
! 00 Ravens – Ray Lewis/Rod Woodson/Sam Adams/Duane Starks or Rob Burnett or Peter Boulware
! 01 Patriots – Lawyer Milloy/Ty Law/Willie McGinest/Mike Vrabel or Tedy Bruschi
! 02 Buccaneers – Derrick Brooks/Simeon Rice/Warren Sapp/John Lynch (Shelton Quarles, Ronde Barber, and Dexter Jackson are all also choices. Personally I’d put Barber over Rice).
03 Patriots – Rodney Harrison/Ty Law/Willie McGinest/Richard Seymour
04 Patriots - Tedy Bruschi/Richard Seymour/Willie McGinest/Mike Vrabel (Troy Brown would be a nice 4 here since this is the year he played some DB and had 3 interceptions. Larry Izzo made the Pro Bowl but as a special teamer so I don’t know if he’s worth it).
05 Steelers – Troy Polamalu/Joey Porter/Casey Hampton/James Harrison
! 06 Colts - Robert Mathis/Dwight Freeney/Cato June/Nick Harper (real tempted to put Bob Sanders in this 4 since he was a huge part of their defense for so long, but he played only 4 regular season games due to injury. He did play the playoffs though.)
! 07 Giants – Justin Tuck/Osi Umeniyora/Michael Strahan/Antonio Pierce or Mathias Kiwanuka
! 08 Steelers - James Farrior/James Harrison/Troy Polamalu/Lamarr Woodley
! 09 Saints – Jonathan Vilma/Roman Harper/Darren Sharper/Tracy Porter (a must since he had the dagger INT return for a TD in the Super Bowl)
! 10 Packers – Charles Woodson/Clay Matthews Jr./Tramon Williams/Nick Collins
11 Giants – Jason Pierre-Paul/Corey Webster/Osi Umeniyora/Aaron Ross or Antrel Rolle

Also, an idea for an insert set - great plays in super bowl history? I know 2000 Finest has a Mike Jones autograph of "the tackle" when he tackled Kevin Dyson. Maybe we recreate some of these - like Ahman Bradshaw's tuck and roll, or Desmond Howard's kickoff return TD to seal it, Steve Tasker's strip of Leon Lett, or Tracy Porter's INT return of Peyton. Pick like 10-20 plays and maybe those could be autos too, or just plain inserts, or both (one base insert, one parallel set).
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