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Originally Posted by Oogie View Post
I'll move my spots from case 3 to #10 on case 1 and #12 on case 2.
I moved your case 1 spot to #11 as #10 was already requested, let me know if that's ok with you or you want another spot.

All updated as of now, I think I'm going to drop the 3rd case since we are to far from filling it, so if you have any spots in case 3 please move them to another case. If everyone moves their spots we will be only 4 slots from full!

Originally Posted by Astronix View Post
I'll take #10 on the first case. Thanks
Originally Posted by Ljcraig0804 View Post
#22 in each case please
Originally Posted by Pacerjones20 View Post
I'll take one spot in whatever case
Thanks for joining!
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