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Default BTP Made To Order X2

Got these 2 in on Tuesday and planned on holding out on scanning them till I got around to scanning all my Schneider/Raymond pick ups from the last year or so. well i had a few members pm me asking for pics and when i was gonna post them up. so here we go...

I have always been a fan of the MTO that ITG offers. A sweet chance to own a card that no one else will. Plus you can choose the player(s) you want as long as they are in the program. Most people seem to choose the same old players with their own little twist. I went straight PC. As i know not many will go with my combo so i know i have a true 1/1.

1st off is a single MTO.

nice fat 3 color seam.

next up is a triple MTO. I took a bit to decide on the other 2 players who would be on this with Schneider. Finally decided on Kirk McLean, and Richard Brodeur.

Schneider and Brodeur are Canucks jersey, McLean is glove.

As always nothing is available.

Thanks for stopping in

I no longer collect cardboard, now it's vinyl.
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