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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
ok let's do this.

Shane (Newton) and Tajirosa, come up with the defensive player checklist for the autos (obviously dead players will have a shorter run since they are not able to sign new items). This set I'm imagining the living players should have a higher print/auto run but have a few lower numbered parallels (i.e. /99 base, /50, /25, /10 1/1 plates)
Alrighty then. Defensive player set coming right up.

Heroes of the Hall (Print run of 25 each, first 5 of the print run have patches)

Steve Atwater
Len Dawson
Jack Ham
Ronnie Lot (Im thinking instead of a patch maybe we could have a ginter DNA style relic where we insert a piece of his finger in the patch window)
Dick Butkus
Paul Kraus
Dick LeBeau
Deacon Jones
Randy White
Andre Tippett

I think this set gives a good variety of positions and includes a lot of hard hitters and big name players on big market teams.

SSP sub set

Legends Never Die (all deceased players /3)
Reggie White
Junior Seau

Someone come up with 3 more dead legends please

SSSSSP sub set

Seventeen (each card is /1, it will include every charter member of the HOF)

Im thinking for base we could either do a reprint of everyones topps rookie but chrome it out. But I would like to go oldschool with it and only make standard chrome cards with a very rare refractor variation.
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