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Originally Posted by newton615 View Post
Alrighty then. Defensive player set coming right up.

Heroes of the Hall (Print run of 25 each, first 5 of the print run have patches)

Steve Atwater
Len Dawson
Jack Ham
Ronnie Lot (Im thinking instead of a patch maybe we could have a ginter DNA style relic where we insert a piece of his finger in the patch window)
Dick Butkus
Paul Kraus
Dick LeBeau
Deacon Jones
Randy White
Andre Tippett

I think this set gives a good variety of positions and includes a lot of hard hitters and big name players on big market teams.

SSP sub set

Legends Never Die (all deceased players /3)
Reggie White
Junior Seau

Someone come up with 3 more dead legends please

SSSSSP sub set

Seventeen (each card is /1, it will include every charter member of the HOF)

Im thinking for base we could either do a reprint of everyones topps rookie but chrome it out. But I would like to go oldschool with it and only make standard chrome cards with a very rare refractor variation.
Dave Duerson and Sean Taylor are two deceased legends that would work well.
Blowing out my comc with bottom shelf prices...come and get 'em before they're gone!

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