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First reaction is 'I like it'.

Cleaner, less clutter - the Testimonials, Card Spotlight and Big Discount sections that used to take up 1/2 of the page and were pointless IMO appear to have been removed.

I think once the masses get over their initial "can't teach an old dog new tricks" and "I want a free Beckett subscription" hang-ups, people will relax a bit.

I agree with aja3217 regarding the login time, but not so sure I want the PMs unless I also have option to turn them off - likely just means more lowball offers or disparaging remarks.

That being said, I'd like to see an update that would allow for inventory segregation to permit sellers to offer port sales on only select populations of their inventory (ex. bulk player or team lots). Does anyone know if this is in the pipeline? If it's already an option, I'd love a tutorial.

Just my 2 cents (and it probably isn't even worth that ) The real test will be how the buying public responds - I'll withhold judgement and see how October sales fare.

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