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Under the old system, there were approximately 15,000 different cards being offered at "90% off book value" or less.

Under the current system, there are just 222 different cards being offered at "90% off book value" or less. Nearly all of these are either beat-up vintage cards, where 90% off book value is fairly close to fair market value, or cards where the book value is out of line with reality.

As a result, the site looks less like a fire sale where cards are being dumped left and right, and more like a professional website with large clear scans and one of the best selections of trading cards ever offered from one source.

It is also much more difficult to casually scan the site and make lowball offers. It can still be done, but it will require some mental gymnastics which were previously not required. Whether that's good or bad depends on who you are and what you're trying to do. To a seller, it might mean fewer offers, but the offers that do come your way are more likely to be from people who actually want to own your card. To a flipper, it might mean more work but less competition from other flippers. To a collector / retail buyer, it might mean more overall satisfaction, particularly when you don't have to pay a huge chunk of money in handling fees. (Or more precisely, when the handling fees have already been paid when you take physical delivery).
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