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Upper Deck is bringing Exquisite Collection to WARCRAFT for 2010

Although its plans have not yet been officially unveiled, Upper Deck is bringing its Exquisite Collection line of high-end cards to its 2010 Warcraft lineup.

In 2010, Exquisite Collection will be a component in each and every ORC and WARLORD set from the company, which will produce cards including a PAPA HUMMEL'S PET BISCUIT LOOT LOGOMAN 1/3000 as well as cards like a one color THUNDERHEAD HIPPOGRYPH manufactured patch Card with sticker autos #'d to /846. Man, your geeky spazoid friends are gonna be sooooooo jealous when you pull that $3 dollar card!!!

Look for more on Upper Deck’s inane 2010 plans right here very soon!!!!
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