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Default October BGS Group Submission

Hi, this is the first time i'm doing a group submission.

I am only accepting basketball (will take 1 or 2 football/baseball if its with other basketball cards) but just because i'm not familiar with football or baseball cards and would make it harder for me to figure out the insurance value and also filling out the correct form. And since its my first time, i want to try to keep it as clean and simple as possible.

The deal is grade over 10 cards 10 day turnaround for $10 a card. ($2 additional for auto)

$1 per card for shipping/insurance (under $100) to BGS.

So say that you want to submit 5 cards with 3 of them having autos.

Total price would be 5x$10=$50
Autograph 3x$2=$6
Shipping 5x$1=$5
Total $61.

When sending please make sure to write ONLY "username" in the description and NOTHING else. And send payment as goods.

Return shipping & paypal fee from me to you will be determined after since I will not know the weight and value of the package.

Also i would recommend not submitting anything too high end because any package over $3000 will take a long time(extra 2 weeks) to be delivered using USPS Registered mail, so I will be insuring the whole package for $3000 (only about $30-50 per card value). So please no jordan PMGs.

Please also fill out this form below and ship with your cards so i can keep track who's card it is easier and also save me some time on figuring out cards to fill out on the form myself.

Since its my first time i will only take a maximum of 100 cards. And i will do 5-10 so potentially only 90 spots available.

So to recap.

Non autographed card : $11 each
Autographed card: $13 each

After card received back from paypal, i will figure out the extra shipping fee/insurance that you want to pay and also add on the total paypal fee for the transaction.

I will also do a mailday recap of all the card on youtube once we receive it.
Thanks let me know who's interested

Return Shipping Paid List (due by november 8th!) :

Tajikey ( regular shipping +$300 insurance)
ohio_mba (USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box with Delivery Confirmation, no insurance)
RMILLER1K (small priority box, delivery confirmation, $500 insurance)
snomelcrob (med flat rate priority, Sig confirmation + $500 insurance)
samuel1219 (small flat rate priority, delivery confirmation+$300 insurance)
Wawazat (med flat rate priority, delivery confirmation +$500 insurance)
saintsfanalways (small flat rate priority, delivery confirmatoin, no insurance)
rlvittejr (signature confirmation,medium flat rate box, no insurance)
flyer191 ($600 insurance, small flat rate, signature confirmation)
TheMaster (regular shipping+signature confirmation)
lauvray04 (medium flat rate priority, delivery confirmation, $500 insurance)
lakernation10(first class regular, delivery confirmation, no insurance)
ngstahl (first class, delivery confirmation, no insurance)
TheNBAprofessor (first class, delivery confirmation, $200 insurance)
Steve4iisr (first class, delivery confirmation, no insurance)
31mcmahon (first class, $200 insurance, delivery confirmation)
danny42yu (Small Flat Rate priority box + Signature Confirmation).
Rookiefan15#@(small flat rate priority box, delivery confirmation, no insurance)

crazymj (6)
Kevin Durant Topps Chrome Refractor #264/1499
Evan Turner Certified RC auto Patch #23/25
3x Brandon Jennings Absolute rc auto rpm
Eric Gordon Topps Chrome refractor #/288

lauvray04 (20) Paid):

86/97 Fleer Joe Dumars #27
86/87 Fleer Isiah Thomas #109
86/87 Fleer James Worthy #131
2011 SPA Mikel Leshoure RPA /699 #222
2011 SPA Mark Ingram RPA /299 #202
2011 SPA Demarco Murray RPA /699 #216
2011 SPX Mikel Leshore Auto Jsy /225 #57
2011 SPX Shane Vereen Gold Auto jsy /30 #59
2011 SPA Colin Kaepernick Auto #ST-CK
2011 SPA Torrey Smith Auto #91
2011 Contenders Andy Dalton Auto #16
2011 Contenders Andy Dalton Auto #225
2011 Contenders Mikel Leshoure Auto #229 (X2)
2011 Contenders Christian Ponder Auto #205
2011 Contenders Jake Locker Auto #211
2011 Contenders Torrey Smith Auto #230
2011 Contenders Randall Cobb Auto #202
2011 Contenders JJ Watt Auto #137
2011 Contenders Ryan Williams Auto #209

TheNBAprofessor (1) (paid)
Jeremy Lin limited Auto #23/99

samuel1219 (5) (paid)

1998-99 SP Authentic #95 Vince Carter RC
(3) 1972-73 Topps #195 Julius Erving RC
(1) 2008-09 SkyBox Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Red #76 Danilo Gallinari

rmiller1k (5) (paid)
2005-2006 larry bird ultimate signature auto
2005-2006 vince carter ultimate signature auto
2005-2006 lebron james ultimate signature auto
2003 shaquille o'neal topps chrome autograph #/850
kobe bryant 2003-2004 sp signature edition auto

wawazat (10) (paid)
1984-85 Star Michael Jordan #101
1985-86 Star Michael Jordan #117
1985-86 Star Patrick Ewing #166
1986-87 Fleer Charles Barkley #7
1987-88 Fleer Michael Jordan #59
2003-04 Upper Deck LeBron James #301
2008-09 Upper Deck Premier Kobe Bryant/Kevin Durant Remnants #ed 04/10
2008-09 Upper Deck Premier Kobe Bryant/LeBron James Remnants #ed 10/25
2008-09 Upper Deck Premier Kobe Bryant/Michael Jordan Remnants #ed 01/50
2008-09 Upper Deck Radiance Derrick Rose/Ben Gordon Auto #ed 44/50

flyer191 (2) (paid)
2012 Panini Elite Gold Status Auto Robert Griffin III 02/24
2012 Panini Elite Gold Status Auto Trent Richardson 23/24

danny42yu (4) (paid)
2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect CJ Cron Gold Ref Auto 3/50
2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect CJ Cron Gold Ref Auto 4/50
2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect CJ Cron Gold Ref Auto 47/50
2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Buster Posey Ref Auto 285/500

TheMaster (3) (paid)
2010-11 Donruss Production Line Auto Kobe Bryant 28/49
2012-13 Prestige Prestigious Picks Auto MarShon Brooks
2012-13 Prestige Prestigious Picks Auto Kyrie Irving

snomelcrob (4) (paid)
2011 Bowman Chrome Draft 16U USA Team National Auto Refractor - Austin Meadows (152/199)
2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Auto Blue Refractor - Dylan Bundy (005/150)
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor Auto - Jackie Bradley Jr (241/500)
2011 Topps Heritage Minors Real One Auto - Bryce Harper (047/154)

31mcmahon (2) (paid)
2011 cam newton topps orange refractor
2011 gold standard jerry rice 14k auto (5/6)

Steve4iisr (1) paid
James Harden rookie auto from donruss classics

lakernation10 (2) (paid)
*Authentic Grade Only* Magic Johnson / Larry Bird 1993-94 Hoops Auto (w/ skybox seal)
2001 Upper Deck Kobe Bryant Ultimate Victory #26

Saintsfanalways (4) Paid)
AJ Green Jersey auto #'d 8/10 2012 topps finest
ryan mallett rookie jersey auto 65/75 out of triple threads
nick foles rookie patch gold auto 24/25 out of inceptions
Maurice Drew rookie Auto 2006 topps chrome

Mr15Vinsanity(1) (ttm)
A.J Jenkins Rookie Patch auto

tajikey (2) (paid)
2012 Topps Chrome Addison Reed Red Refractor Auto /25
2012 Bowman Platinum Eric Hosmer Auto/GU Serial #d 4/5

Kobeswagen24 (2) Paid
Kobe Bryant Chrome Rc
Derrick Rose Topps signature rc auto

ohio_mba (paid)
2011 Bowman Chrome Bubba Starling Orange Refractor 9/25 Non-Auto

rlvittejr (7) (paid)
2012 Elite Inscriptions Autos Football
- Andrew Luck Green
- Andrew Luck Red
- Andrew Luck Blue
- Robert Griffin III Blue
- Trent Richardson Blue
- Trent Richardson Black
- Trent Richardson Red

ngstahl (3) Paid)
2007-08 topps chrome kevin durant refractor #902/1499
2007-08 topps finest kevin durant refractor
2008-09 topps rookie photoshoot russell westbrook auto

Rookiefan15 (6) Paid
2006 Topps Photoshoot RC Auto Rajon Rondo
2009-10 Bowman 48 Derrick Rose Auto
2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady RC
2010 Topps Chrome Rob Gronkowski Auto RC
2011 Stevan Ridley Topps Chrome Atomic Refractor /50 Auto RC
Tom Brady Fleer 2000 RC Autograph

johnferguson12 (1) Paid
Markieff Morris Exquisite RC auto #109/199



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