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Definitely not worth it for a Retro green with a refractor line.

MJ Exquisite flashback /23 is probably one of top 3 exquisite inserts, together with 03-04 Emblems of Endorsements /15 and 03-04 Number Pieces /23.

Retro has been best selling product. Right after each exquisite release, not many cards, even AP 1/1, can break 1k. But in Retro there are 210 + 60 easily breaking 1k mark. MJ Retro green will be a card standing tall among cards issued in this decade. Although collectors theoretically have alternative in original greens, those 97-98 greens are almost impossible to get. So Retro green out of a hugely popular product can be regarded as a replacement in a serious MJ PC.

I think currently both are valued at 20k plus, if we are looking at Flashback with 3-color patch and auto with no skips and Retro green without lines and nice corners. I don't have too much confidence Retro green breaking 30k and retain that value; and I also think MJ exquisite top inserts are also peaking out. So their potential in mid-term future could be comparable.

Solely considering rarity, /10 will be much harder to obtain than /23, once cards settle into new collectors' hands. Throughout my 2.5 years of collecting, I only located five Jordan 97-98 PMG greens and had only one real chance to get one, but I have come across eight leads of 97-98 All-Stars Game Jersey Auto /23 and have four legit chances to get one. I expect similar relative difficulty in getting Retro green and Flashback /23 a few years from now.

Since the one you have is already in high quality and in a high quality set, no point in breaking up the set. It's best just wait an appropriate opportunity to pick up a green without line in next few showing up.

I personally would much prefer RPA flashback over Retro green, if both opportunities present themselves.
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