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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
These green cards will be a dime a dozen when ud releases a new retro every year haha

Go with the exquisite.

Let's just saw for a second that UD made 10 each year for the next 10 years.... Which the WON'T. But let's just saw they will. Ok, so now you have 120 of them total, period end of story.

Now just take one Jordan Exquisite which was numbered to what, 75 or 100? And that's just ONE particular set, from ONE particular YEAR!!!! lol

Trust me, the Green is a better card for the serious collector. And no, they won't be making a Jordan Green year after year, I really doubt it. But even if they did, it still wouldn't be as watered down.

Don't worry what others think is the "cool" thing to collect, because they themselves were brain washed by others telling them that it was so cool to collect lol smh

Collect what YOU love, and you only. You will feel better about your collection at the end of the day. If you like the Green better then do it with no problems. Exquisite is not all that it's been hyped to be. Just another patch/auto card to me like any other. A rare card is a rare card. If a card is numbered to, 25 for example, then it's exactly that! No difference to the true collector.

Now............. if the card in question, the Green, has an ugly line through it, then I wouldn't do the trade at all. But, if you can live with that, then that's your thing, but i'm just saying that I could never have a card with a line like that.

Anyway, good luck whatever you deceide, but remember, go with your heart and passion for cards! Not what others heard was the cool thing to do......... SMH
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