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Originally Posted by DtigersFan View Post
Verlander has said several times that Miggy should be the MVP, opposing teams say there is no argument that Miggy is the MVP. Fielder even said in a postgame interview that he is playing a complimentary role to Cabrera and that the Tigers is Cabrera's team. I know these guys are trying to promote their teammate, but they seem sincere that Miggy is the most deserving. And to quote the great Jeff Passan "it takes one to know one" and if Verlander agrees that Cabbie is the MVP then he is.
Is this for real? Cabrera is MVP because Verlander said so?

I suppose Pujols should throw his weight behind Trout, and then what? The guy has won the damn thing more times than I care to count, so clearly he must know.

Let's be honest: what else is Justin supposed to say? "I threw nearly 240 innings of 2.62 ERA ball, so I, of course, am the MVP.

These guys get special media training that encourages them to downplay their own achievements and focus on their teammates. Of course Justin and Prince are gonna shower their possible Triple Crown winner with praise -- they've basically been trained to do so.

The ironic thing is that you can argue that Cabrera's 2011 campaign was better than his 2012 -- Verlander was just so ridiculous that no one remembers it. This will continue to be Justin's team and he'll keep Jimmy Leyland off the hot seat as long as he continues to carry the team on his back.
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