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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
There are tons of Exquisite Jordan autographed patches that are numbered to 23 and even much lower, and if UD gets their license back, or if someone else buys them out in the future and makes NBA cards, then there will be tons more exquisite Jordans produced in the future.

As alluded to above, you can just always buy another exquisite retro Jordan if you trade for the green and sell the green for cash since it's the hottest card right now.

A person with no brain would easily do this deal.

There are only 10 greens in existence, and 10 original greens, and that's it - there are literally hundreds of exquisite Jordans out there, and chances are you will be able to pick one up any time you want.

But the green never comes along, those who are buying a green will never sell it in a million years, so once you lose that chance, it's gone forever.

Everyone will envy you on this board if you get a green, even if it's in a UNC uniform. Exquisite jordans are a dime a dozen, even the retro one.

The retro one is TOO over-rated. Why would you pay over $10,000 for an exquisite retro jordan when you can buy an 03-04 limited logo jordan for less? You can buy other exquisite jordans numbered to 23 with an auto and multiple patches for $5000 or less, why in the world would you want to keep the retro jordan when you have the chance to get a huge pmg green that is worth triple what a exquisite retro Jordan should be worth?

Get the fleer retro green, sell it, then buy 3 more exq. retro jordans since they always pop up and are so easy to find.

The exquisite retro jordan is just all hype. You should trade it for a REAL investment piece - the fleer retro jordan PMG green/10.
You can trade with your Retro, isn't it??
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