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Originally Posted by cardozo View Post
then I would keep it, on the long run that auto patch will hold more value then the retro.
One really never knows about this.

90s PMG has already established itself as THE best brand in the hobby. 97-98 PMG green /10 Jordan haven't been sold since market took off and yet many collectors are waiting, a record price will set when it shows up really for sale. And an astronomical price there will affect positively MJ Retro green for sure. MJ Retro green, although in College Uni, are actually better off that way IMO. If it was in Bulls uni, it will be forever labelled as a remake and not as valued and dwarfed by original, as remakes tend to do. UNC uni MJ retro green is significantly different in theme and has a larger buyer market including hardcore serious MJ collectors who love nostalgic and beautiful designed 90s, and who love current product when they actively busting for and collecting, and also hardcore college hoop fan. It's also where MJ started it all, UNC and game winning shot etc. One should also note the excitement and success of Retro is unprecedented, even beating all the previous releases of exquisite (when do you have a product having 210 + 60 + 23 cards easily beating 1.5k mark shortly after release? Most exquisite AP 1/1 cannot achieve that and certainly not most MJ exq inserts shortly after release). Retro green MJ, best card from such a product, will not go away in demand and value.

On the other hand, RPA flashback /23, being a remake design but new for MJ, should be shawdowed by 97-98 All stars game jersey auto /23, latter of which have exchanged hands around 30k cobsistently. So in some sense a collector would not go anywhere near 30k for such a MJ RPA flashback.

So one has comparison effect going positively for MJ Retro green but MJ flasback is capped in some sense. So it's not a clear call which one beats the other down the road, especially green is much rarer and tougher to track and obtain down the roads.

Also OP clearly says above he rather spend $$$ into completing other exq sets than buying MJ Retro green, then why would he even contemplate breaking up one of better exq sets and trade for a Retro green with a line?

It's similar to another thread asking whether to trade two MJ RPA flashback /23 for a 97-98 PMG green.

All from MJ RPA flashback /23 owners drawing attentions and recognitions to this brand, in comparison to another brand in better hype and demand. I wouldn't blame them as it's one of iconic sets and still under-appreciated in the market for the most part.
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