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Originally Posted by Texas Brave13 View Post
Waco, Texas has Bankston's Cards & Collectibles. Brent runs the shop and is a very nice person to deal with. I would go out of my way to visit his shop on valley mills drive in Waco.
Co-sign on this x100000000000000000.

I stopped going to Card Traders of Austin when I was in the store buying 99 fb stuff when I was collecting Ricky Williams.

A kid walked in and pulled a Ricky auto from Topps and the kid was excited but didnt really want it. They told the kid it was worth about 60.00 bucks but they couldnt pay that so they could have room for profit. Dad agreed to letting the kid trade it for another box of Topps.

As soon as they left, the workers laughed and slapped a 600.00 tag on the Ricky auto.

Be wary of the shop in San Marcos...havent been there since getting dusted on box of non sports that ended up being pack searched. Dont know that they still do or allow it, but they use to.
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