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I would think that it would be a place I can relax at.
I enjoy my lcs even though its not high end and its limited on wax.
I am friends with the owner and we bs about cards, life, females etc which is why I go.
Of course customer service is important but you need a hook for people to get excited to come back in. I would rather watch the game and eat a pizza (since your near an Italian place) and drink a beer over staying at home alone.
I would think if you have enough customers you could set up tvs with sports on the whole time. I would think to have monday night sunday night football PARTY with a special on FB wax would be great! FOOD, BEER, SPORTS, WAX, BETTING ON TEAMS and perhaps hire a wax assistant for the night.. A young hottie with a rack.. just make sure she does not know more about the sport then your customers.

I also enjoy pack or box dueling and if you had that 1-2x a month I would be there those days almost every month!

I bust a lot of wax for fun and 99% of the hits I leave at his LCS for him to sell for me or I send them off to get listed on ebay... Good service to offer and you can charge them a fee and give them in store credit so they have to spend the credit back at your store. (my guy charges 30% incl shipping paypal etc) He also does in store sales..
WHen I come back I have 200$ in credits and am happy to choose a free box of w/e to bust.

I would also think the option of vintage product at your store would be cool too.
Sometimes I am sick of whatever new product is out and its always nice to bust a 2004-2006 basketball box.
ALso the monthly meet up/trade night that we have they normally have a new product and give away a box or 2 of the new stuff. I unload some nice stuff and find some really nice hidden stuff.

ANyways I hope this helps some! LMK when you open up and when I am in PA ill make sure to swing in!
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