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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
By the sounds of it, you are more of an exquisite collector, not a 90s insert collector or player collector. If thats the case, Id keep the exquisite. If you were an avid 90s insert collector, this retro pmg would better fit your PC.

You have to be into these types of inserts in order to cherish them and pay for what they are. The large amounts paid for these types of inserts is based on nostalgia and having a desire to own them. You seem more of a current collector who likes patches/autos and exquisite in general.

In my opinion, you have already answered your own question. You dont want to trade your exquisite retro jordan for the pmg. If you did, it would have been done already. You were just looking for reassurance
yeah this is what i was thinking. the more valuable card is clearly the jordan green, so anyone who isn't attached to the exquisite would have already traded
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