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Originally Posted by John91C View Post
There's going to be bad case looks like it's only going to be 1-2 "A" level signers per case! That means a ton of doubles of lesser characters!
I still don't believe that the A-list actors in this set are comparable to A-list in Big Bang Theory. The A-list actors in Big Bang have been A-list actors for a while, commanding big paydays for each episode completed compared to Walking Dead. The big five from that show get paid over $300,000 an episode plus points on syndication deals. Spread that over a 20+ episode season and it's well over $6,000,000 a year. So to them, signing cards probably isn't really worth all that much.

I think on a set like this you'll have a lot more variety in each case and will get a good assortment of the bigger and smaller characters. I think you'll have just as good of a chance to hit a Lincoln auto as anyone else. It's not like they are hard up for money, but they all have less likely of a chance to turn it down compared to the big 5 from Big Bang Theory. All in all, I think this is a great set to get a case since you'll probably have 12 unique autographs plus a sketch and a nice amount of costume cards.

As a side note, I bought 8-9 boxes of Walking Dead last year and never got the same auto or character relic twice. I've also heard that many of the people that bought a case got a nice array of autograph and relic cards. It sounds like those of you who got multiples on just a few boxes might have just had some bad luck.

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