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Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
I still don't believe that the A-list actors in this set are comparable to A-list in Big Bang Theory. The A-list actors in Big Bang have been A-list actors for a while, commanding big paydays for each episode completed compared to Walking Dead. The big five from that show get paid over $300,000 an episode plus points on syndication deals. Spread that over a 20+ episode season and it's well over $6,000,000 a year. So to them, signing cards probably isn't really worth all that much.

I think on a set like this you'll have a lot more variety in each case and will get a good assortment of the bigger and smaller characters. I think you'll have just as good of a chance to hit a Lincoln auto as anyone else. It's not like they are hard up for money, but they all have less likely of a chance to turn it down compared to the big 5 from Big Bang Theory. All in all, I think this is a great set to get a case since you'll probably have 12 unique autographs plus a sketch and a nice amount of costume cards.

As a side note, I bought 8-9 boxes of Walking Dead last year and never got the same auto or character relic twice. I've also heard that many of the people that bought a case got a nice array of autograph and relic cards. It sounds like those of you who got multiples on just a few boxes might have just had some bad luck.
That was also last was the company's 1st big product that "sold out" and had huge resale value. Look what they did to BBT. Yes there may not be a lot of doubles but there will not be an Andrew Lincoln in every case either. Like I said...1-2 "A" list actors/actresses.

Last year I bought a case and still had to buy multiple autos on the secondary market to finish off my master set. Shoot my case didn't even have the sketch card...contacted the company and I had to prove I actually bought a case (receipt from the company I bought it from), pics of the boxes, stamped box #'s from inside the box and then they finally sent my sketch card.

So believe what you want...they are a good company but don't be shocked if there are sp's this year. The Bernthal and Reedus were the big sp's last year and remember they had 2 autos for each character...this year there's what 16 autos and only one auto per character...this making it harder to pull an A list auto!

Also there's only 5 "A" list actors on actuality it's 2 (Cuoco and Parsons) who bring the big $$$. The audience for BBT is a lot larger since its not a cable show.
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