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Ok guys, here is my hard luck draft list. This took hours. I used eBay and commonsense to create these lists. I treated trades as even unless you noted pp as part of the deal, but if you sold any teams, I added that to your total.

Remember, these will be tiered - so the hit list will also be tiered.

Guys, there is NO WAY that this list is perfect, but it is pretty damn good! If you think I made a gross error and that a change is in order, post in this thread with your reasoning. Please do not flood me with pm's about how you should be higher than soandso - unless there is a striking error, we will be going with this. I tried to be as fair as humanly possible.

You might want to wait until hit list is posted (working now) so that you see how the hits are grouped and tiered as well.

1 gergs1134
2 hmmdecloth
4 Bucks Bandit
5 hoopster3977
6 lnaminshall

7 kkmill
8 mcholke
9 jrubbo23
10 jon_21
11 dthimesch
12 poonchka
13 houdini
14 murphy
15 wthughes
16 ejames
17 justabitoutside
18 Vintage Collector

19 samoan3d
20 hobbiewt
21 fduran
22 fduran
23 kb81
24 nhsportsguy

25 danimal875
26 haiku
27 joserobles
28 blue_devil
29 jlcherry

30 chadc13
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