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Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
Apparently wins and losses are weighted differently based on time of year....
dumbest argument ever

I really don't understand this argument

Yes, obviously a win in April counts exactly the same as a win in September in your final record.

But what does the win or loss in April have to do with how well or how poorly you play in the final month of the season when AT THAT TIME you are in a playoff race and THOSE GAMES AT THAT TIME are the only thing that matters as to who does or doesn't make the playoffs?

What happened in April is history, all it did was set up this final month of the season, it put them in a position to have a shot at the playoffs, and both Cabrera and Trout helped put their teams in a position to have a shot.

But in the end, when it came down to it, when the chips were all on the table and one had to perform better to make that final few feet in the race, Cabrera played better, and that is what should be the tie breaker in what was a great season for both players
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