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Update in case anyone is interested.

The Complete TNG is definitely finished. I was certain I had read somewhere it would include the TNG movies and I have confirmed that Steve at Rittenhouse said he had enough autos to go beyond 2 series. Apparently I mistook this to mean series 3 but it just means a different series at a later date (next year or even 2014).

Series 3 would have allowed the company to assemble a lot more autos of guest stars from seasons 6 and 7, the way series 2 was heavy on season 5 but it looks like it won't happen.

Regarding the three autos that missed series 2, Jill Jacobson, Brenda Strong, and Brian Thompson, Steve says he has all of the cards in hand for something in the future.

I have not asked about the error base card in series 1, when it will be corrected and how it will be distributed.

Big news, Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) has signed a card as Ensign Locarno (also, I presume for that mysterious future release).

I will update.
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