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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
And we have your MVP winner.......
According to research by the Tigers' public relations staff, Cabrera has 17 home runs and 43 RBIs in the seventh inning or later, leading the majors in both categories.

In addition, Cabrera's 27 RBIs in September are the most since Hank Greenberg had 39 in Sept. 1946.

7th inning+ home run's don't matter much in blowouts, not to mention there are tons of other possible outcomes of an at bat that need to be taken into consideration, leading to... do you explain the fact that Trout leads Cabrera in WPA (5.61 to 4.40)? WPA is deisgned to take the context of a player's each and every at bat into account and determine how it affected their team's chances of winning the particular game. Trout beats Cabrera in this stat which, once again, takes into account the entire season's effect on a team's winning percentage based on the context of each and every at bat!
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