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Originally Posted by burke23 View Post
Being totally serious here...if they ended up with the same stats as they have now, BUT Cabrera and the Tigers missed the playoffs AND he had a 'lesser' september (ie .280/.380/500), you would be more inclined to vote for Trouts wull body of work on the season?
100% YES, without a doubt

But the fact remains that Cabrera and Trout both had OUTSTANDING seasons, historic in fact, BOTH OF THEM

And that's what makes this such a great debate

But the fact also remains that only one of them had an unbelievable September and only one of them is making the playoffs

That is the tiebreaker, and it's no knock on Trout, what he's done is incredible, as I said before, HISTORIC, but Cabrera has also had a pretty historic season in his own right, so you need to break the tie somewhere.

To me, that somewhere just has to be which player played the best down the stretch. If Cabrera put up the numbers Trout had during this last month, the Tigers miss the playoffs, for sure. And at the same time, if Trout put up the numbers Cabrera had this month, there's a decently good chance that the Angels are in the playoffs.
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