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Originally Posted by DaBaddestHic View Post
Is it really 50% though? In real life for a player to get a streak they have to face certain amount of teams in order. In this contest it seems like you can pick a new player each day, so you can sort of choose which pitchers you wanna face (ones with high ERAs, low SO's, etc), and which hitters you want to play (ones on hot streaks, ones that routinely make a fool of the pitcher, etc).

I don't know if that makes it come out better than 50% though, but seems like the odds are better than an actual player doing it.
Nah, Metsfan1121 above is right. If you take an average .300 hitter and give him, say, 3.5 ABs per game, then in a given game he's got about a 71% chance of getting at least one hit. That would change the odds of getting 57 in a row to about 1:300,000,000. That is, if you are allowed to select your hitter(s).
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