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Please please please just give a coherent rebuttal to this, which counters your narrative of Cabrera adding more wins to his team when taking context into account:

You know what does take into account context of each at bat? Win percentage Added (WPA). WPA takes each at bat for a player's season and determine's their team's winning percentage before the at bat and after the at bat, and credits the player for increasing the winning percentage or discredits them for decreasing their team's winning percentage (GIDP would be a big negative, for example). So in essence, a player with a WPA of 6.00 made their team more likely to win a total of six games during the year, just counting what happened during each at bat. No SB, no defense, no position adjustment, no baserunning is accounted for in WPA to my knowledge.

And you know who leads the AL in WPA? Mike Trout (5.61). Cabrera is at 4.40 for the year.

Which basically means when looking at the context of each player's at bats, Trout made his team more likely to win games this season than Cabrera did(perhaps Cabrera hit his HR's when his team was already way ahead or behind?).
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