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Originally Posted by uberfatty View Post
Can you please respond to my two posts citing WPA and how that affects your opinion of their respective seasons?

In my view, your analogy is flawed. You assume that Cabrera has somehow "passed" Trout in the footrace, except you haven't responded to posts which show actual statistical evidence using WPA that Trout is still well ahead of Cabrera even when taking context of at bats into account, which is your main argument against using WAR. If your argument against using WAR is debunked then what you are using to annoint Cabrera basically boils down to OMG GUYZ TEH SEPTEMBER TRIPLE CROWNZ AEWSOMR.
because the stat to me is just as useless as the WAR

It's calculated based on how every other team has done when in the situation that they are in when they make a certain player

Who gives two craps about what other teams have done in those situations

I don't know why everyone is so intent on using stats that compare one player to another in the actual calculation of the stat. In a sport like basketball or hockey, where the dimensions/conditions of every game are generally the exact same, then maybe, but not in baseball.

There are too many factors in baseball that make the general stats themselves hard to compare 1 to 1 to each other. So when you're then using those stats, to combine into other stats, and then have a computer come up with more calculations to offset and standardize the original factors and stats it becomes too diluted to be worth the weight people put behind them.

And if that statement was a bit too confusing to read, it was done on purpose.......
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