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Originally Posted by Sean1125 View Post
He initiates contact with me on September 23rd. Payment is also sent that night.

I pay him $80 out of good faith extremely late at night because he wanted to go to sleep and not deal with it in the morning. Here is how he described the gold.

"I know the ring is at least 5 gram and the necklace can be no less than 2. So 2 grm 14kt and 5 of 10kt I would definitely take 80$ just to make sure you have no issues with weight and all of that once you receive it. I know for fact this gold is worth more than 80$ without even weighing it.. Both pieces are branded 14kt and the ring 10kt on the inside."

After a short e-mail he said there was a family member in the hospital Monday, said he would ship it 28th or 29th... Time goes by... A PM, said he would ship first thing Monday... (This is the next Monday a week after payment on a "lock in" price on same or next day shipping on gold)...

Here we are today... Still no tracking...

The thing is Daniel said he was in the hospital all day on the 24th and hasn't been able do anything (I get this response on the 27th)... Daniel has been bumping, creating and bumping again threads since that day (that he was in the hospital all day)... Maybe he was on his phone, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt... But we're over a week past when you were supposed to ship, I sent payment instantly and get blown off this entire time, and blown off some more... Just refund me, even if you were going to ship today please keep it and refund me... In two days I will be filing a dispute.
Shock and another shock. I am surprised anyone is alive on this forum with all the sickness and accidents that seem to happen to members and thier families. I thought the military, policeman and firefighter jobs were dangerous. They have nothing on card collecting. Hazard101.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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