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Default Fleer Retro - (1) Case Break

I really only open non-sports, however, all this hype pushed me to gamble on a Retro case. I tried (1) single box last week and pulled a Jordan Competitive Advantage and a Bill Walton GREEN PMG. That's how you get hooked, lol...well, here are the case results.

Fleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1188.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1189.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1190.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1191.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1187.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1186.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1184.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1183.jpgFleer Retro - (1) Case Break-imag1185.jpg

The Bill Russell RED pmg is jersey #'d 006/150.

Not the payoff I was looking for, but these cards are really nice. Especially in the screw-down cases.

I will ONLY trade for Presidential signatures and Horrors of War cuts. I am open to private sales, however, EVERYTHING is currently FS on eBay. (I'll pull down auctions, if necessary) Thanks for looking.

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