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Default Sports to Non-Sports?

I'm not a collector, but I really enjoy opening cards. So, I sell pretty much everything I open, so I can buy more stuff to open

I'm really finding the value part of the equation difficult to do this in the sports card arena with all the different products that are produced now. The best values are probably the core Bowman, Bowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft baseball products, but they are kind of boring to open once you do a few boxes IMO.

I've been looking more at the non-sports cards lately and it seems like there are a lot of interesting products out there. I know that there are big duds, just like with sports cards, but I was wondering if anyone who has switched over has found that in general the value is better for rip and flipping? I'm not looking to make a profit; I'm just looking not to get killed on every break.

I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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