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Default My graphics thread. Requests and all!!

Hello everybody! Used to love working with photoshop while in high school and such and taught myself how to use it. Just got back into using it again for the first time in abou a year or so. So I decided to make a thread for some stuff that I have made. Which in this thread I will also be taking requests from members if you guys would like. I dont require being paid for making them, but if you wanna donate you can. Love doing this and running out of ideas of stuff.

If you are making a request, let me know that size you want (pixels or inches). If you want a signature/banner or a wallpaper for your laptop or desktop. Than which player(s) you want on it.

Just going to post the better stuff on here, so if you want to check out the rest of my work you can view it here:

Pictures by braveskid1025 - Photobucket

Will start it off with some of the better signatures I have made:

Always willing to make computer backgrounds/wallpapers, just send me a pm.

Also selling drawings, send me a pm for any questions
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