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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
Are you sure no collector would go anywhere near 30k for the flashback? I don't see any for sale, even with public offers well into five figures.

And aesthetically, I like the flashback jordan better than the all-star gu/jsy card - the quality of the autograph is so much better, the design of the card is more attractive, it is a thicker, more solid card, and the game used piece is more textured as well.

Could it be possible that one day the flashback equals the hobby status of the 97-98 jordan gu/auto? methinks that is already a possibility.....
THe 09 Retro flash back hits equal hobby status as the 97 MJ all star jersey auto??

Im not discounting that thought. But under the same assumption could we not say the same as a 12 retro green PMG hitting 97 PMG green status? In theory its the same no?

The one thing I never understood about basketball collectors/buyers is the need for people backing assurance into what you want to collect in like. In no other sports, does the hobby dictate who and what brand you should collect the way basketball does. Baffles me!
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