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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
i dunno man. if you got time to be bumping and running around here, you got time to run to the PO. this may not have affected any of us aside from the OP, but it definitely lets me know that you may not be a reliable shipper at times so I will be leery to deal with you in the future if the time ever comes.

that's what this forum is about. warn people about shaky or blown deals.

also, taking all that feedback from people but not leaving any? weaksauce.
Its an honor to have you criticize my abilities to make sales. Also its great to see someone who takes soo much pride in blowoutcards forums.. my God, what a great guy you must be. Please write my username down somewhere so you will know NOT to deal with me again. Write it in RED too.. just in case.
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