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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
Baseball- Bowman chrome rules.

Hockey- The cup
In baseball its the bowman brand. But the Bowman brand isnt $500/pack. The reason bowman dictates rookies is because of prospecting and the amount of prospects put into the set. Thats comparing apples to oranges. Bowman isnt considered an extremely high end product. In baseball volume dictates the brand to collect. Not so in basektball. There isnt enough volume at $500 / pack to dictate it. Plus the set doesnt have 800 cards in the checklist, nor does it have 3 versions of the product (Bowman, BDPP, Bowman chrome).

In Hockey, The Cup is the high end set. But im willing to bet that that the UD sp rookies are more widely collected over the CUP. The price point of bowman brands and UD regular are in tune with the budget of most collectors. THe CuP and Exquisite are not.

Popularity of a certain set in baseball and hockey are set based on rookies and collectablity. In basketball its more about "look what I got" and "im top dog because I have something expensive". My opinion in collecting basketball is about stature not about actually collecting.
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