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Originally Posted by wheeler281 View Post
Just means the refund is coming from a cc on file for the money was used already and not there in the account for instant refund.. Unless he cancels it you will be fine

I just want to say SHENANIGANS..
At this point until I have the $ back into my paypal I am not changing my stance, I really truly believe I was as nice as I could have been (as stated, other members wouldn't have given him the time I did).

I didn't even bother him a majority of the time except for like two or three messages...

Here is the PM I sent to him right before he said "he had it packed up and it was going out"

Frankly Daniel, I've given you more than enough time - and as someone pointed out to me you made something like 19 threads and countless posts in the time frame. If what you are saying is true, I'm sorry but you just admitted to using me to get money because you didn't have it and needed it - without shipping the item we agreed upon in beyond more than enough reasonable time given. The dispute is going to stay, the only way I will close it is if I get what was described it's that simple. This is about as compassionate as I can be at this point - I do not have a problem releasing the funds / stopping the dispute if I get the items but there is no other way for me to drop it and that is my FINAL say on this matter.

Have a good day,


He then responds (doesn't send out the package, pulls this crap instead)
Refund sent. I just saw your other thread posted about me. I'll save you some of your precious time, so you dont have to wait for a package anymore. I know how hard it can be to wait for the mailman to deliver a package.

If he intended to ship he would have shipped (in my opinion) since the PM came at 9 o clock (the day he said he already had it packaged up and ready to go), that means he would have had the package out long before he actually sent the PM if he intended to have it out... I will let everyone make their own decisions based on this

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