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It would be nice if COMC changed the offers page back to the original set up listing 50 offers per page and allowing you to organize by the buyers and sellers again, they made what was a two minute job take 10 minutes.

I agree with that 100%. I wish they would go even farther, and let you see your trading history with a particular person. Like when an offer comes in, you could see that the person making the offer had purchased 50 cards from you in the past, or that you've purchased 50 cards from them. I'd love to run specials from time to time where I give sweetheart deals to frequent customers. Right now, I don't even know who my frequent customers are. If someone purchased 1,000 cards from me at full asking price, I don't even have a way to know who that person is.

I think they took away the ability to sort offers by other user when there was the big dust-up over giving strikes for rejected offers. You could sort your offer list and see that a particular buyer had made, say, 150 lowball offers and that none of them were accepted.

Even then it was like pulling teeth to get the information. The sort list doesn't have a "go to x page" feature, and the only way to do it was to sort by customer name and scroll page by page until you hit the letter "T" ERRR, I mean the letter that you're looking for.

As it is, I have an Offer History that's over 1,000 pages long, which contains almost no useful information. I can't even see the original asking price of the cards in the offer, which to me is the whole point of an Offer History. I want to see which dealers tend to accept 50% offers, which tend to accept 20% offers, which tend to reject all offers, etc.
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