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Originally Posted by Sikkcaden View Post
Do not do the deal. The Exquisite Patch Auto is way better. Fleer Retro was a huge hit for a struggling company, which leads me to believe 10 more green Jordans will be hitting the market next year....and the next year....and the next year. Theres still too much hype around the PMG, the prices will be coming down, not up. The Exquisite has withstood the test of time and the arrow is pointing slightly up while the retro pmg's are pointing down.

Making this trade would be falling victim to fad/trend. That never works out in someones favor. THERES A REASON someone wants to make this trade with you lol
If you read what the OP wrote, he offered the retro patch up for the green PMG. The seller quickly responded with a yes, which left the OP thinking about the trade.

IF I had to guess the reason why the PMG would take the offer quickly and leave money on the table?
1. He is into the green pmg for nothing because he pulled it from a box/case
2. There is a refractor line which is lacking interest in the card.

If I pulled a green PMG out of 1 box or 1 case, Id trade it down for something I really wanted as well, knowing full well how much im into the card.

I think the OP should keep his retro and buy a pmg green if he desires.
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