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Originally Posted by fullmetal View Post
Make the trade. Sell the green for $30K+ immediately.

Wait a few months/years and when the Jordan Exquisite bubble bursts buy your card back for $7000.
[yeah man. just buy that card again. i see it come up for sale every weekend at my local swap meet. (sarcasm)] i dunno how much the OP spent, but i've never seen that card go for as cheap as $7k even before the MJ explosion over the last few years.

OP - if you really can't live without the card in your set. i'd just keep it and not do the trade. if you're interested in making a healthy profit, saving some for real life use and some to play within the hobby, then do the trade.

those high end 11/12 PMGs are extremely risky. you think since one went for $30k the next one will do the same or similar? i highly doubt it. its not like there are that many people with $20k-$30k lying around any given week. a lot of the non MJ ones have already gone down considerably since it first was release and it hasn't even been 2 months.

sure i could be wrong...and two people get in a bidding war and the PMG goes for $40k. my point is... the odds are against you. i would proceed with caution.

personally that MJ exquisite flashback is one of my dream cards. so i would just keep that instead of having a knockoff PMG. if anything, i would consider trading the MJ flashback for a REAL MJ PMG.
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